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Protective underwater geoduck netting
















Survey Expertise and Consulting

Identification of site specific characteristics

Location and suitability assessment for potential aquaculture zones.

Hatchery to Harvest Expertise and Consulting

We provide advice about seeding the animals onto the grow out sites
and montoring growth.

Seed handling techniques

Transport/trauma reduction techniques

Predator protection systems

Maintenance and predator protection removal.

Deployment of predator protection systems


Sampling to estimate survival

Seed extraction and plant-out services.

Installation of predator protection systems

Seed transport

Contract planting

Regular maintenance

Predator protection system removal

Survival estimates and sampling.

Contract harvesting using the specifically designed vessel
"New Venture" for the harvesting of both Wild and Cultured Geoducks.

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  • Tenure Application
  • Tenure Development
  • Investigative Permits
  • Market Studies


From our partner
at Gartley Point Hatchery

We specialize in the production of seed for scallop, geoduck and sea cucumber for aquaculture farms.

We are Canada’s first marine hatchery to supply cultured sea cucumber seed.  

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