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Are you interested in:

Geoduck Aquaculture and local sustainable food sources?

A high return on your investment?

Securing a source of Canadian aquaculture geoducks to import into China?

If so, contact Emerald Sea Farms we are currently seeking investors.

Information about Emerald Sea Farms Ltd. for investors:

Company is managed with integrity by a management team that holds a breadth of experience and business acumen.

Emerald Sea Farms intends to plant a low density of geoduck seed per hectare at an investment cost of 100K dollars per hectare.

Each hectare will produce 100K pounds of geoducks, grossing 1.3 million dollars at today’s prices, with a net profit of 1.1 million per hectare.

Emerald currently has access to 10 hectares of appropriate geoduck ground with an additional 10 hectares in reserve and will ultimately produce 22 million dollar of net revenue every 7 years.

- Emerald planted its first crop of geoducks in 2010 and is on target to plant it’s second crop in 2011.

First crop harvest anticipated in 2016.

Features and Benefits of investing with Emerald Sea Farms

  • Product begins with healthy seed.
  • We promise well-maintained and carefully protected animals.
  • Aquaculture clams are uniform in size with a consistent white colour.
  • Free of hormones, anti-biotic and supplements. All natural and organic.
  • Environmentally safe and sustainable.
  • High value, high protein product.  
  • High demand, commodity delicacy in Asia.
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