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"Cockles, high meat to weight ratio
(avg recovery 35.5%)”

Sea Cucumber









Over the past 10 years Emerald Sea Farms Ltd., in conjunction with Alliance of Independent Companies (AIC) members, has been working on various fieldwork initiatives to better understand and bring innovation to what is involved in geoduck aquaculture.

Through this research and development we have identified some critical success factors:

  • site specific characteristics
  • transport/trauma reduction techniques
  • predator protection systems
  • nursery systems
  • seed handling techniques

Emerald Sea Farms has quickly become a sustainable geoduck farming operation that is streamlined and cost efficient. 

We have developed equipment and procedures that have allowed us to plant geoducks in an efficient and effective manner.

We have established contacts within industry, government, suppliers and customers that will allow us to transition from start-up to production quickly and inexpensively.

emerald sea farms  

emerald sea farms

Current site at Mansons Pass

emerald sea farms

Pending application
at Cape Cockburn

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